La Grande Cave De Luze, a hidden treasure, a haven of peace

Like a safe protecting sparkling jewellery,
La Grande Cave jealously guards unique bottles of Bordeaux,
a myriad of incredibly rare bottles and vintages that you can’t get hold of anywhere.

La Grande Cave De Luze has a remarkable history,

tangled up with that of Etablissements Nicolas, which had built up one of the finest Bordeaux cellars in France.
The company decided to wall it up when the 2nd World War broke out.
Admirably preserved, the sanctuary was saved from under the noses of the occupying forces.
After the war, the trading house continued to develop its assets year after year.
Life went on in this way until 1985, when it was acquired by the Rémy Cointreau Group.
At the time it had nearly a million bottles.
The stock was attached to Maison de Luze, then to the Grands Vins de Gironde Group, and was cleared of the wines 
and vintages that were either less than perfect or in too small a quantity. 
After a few years’ hard work, La Grande Cave was officially born, 
a haven of peace for vintages over 10 years old and a well-guarded treasure of old “Grands Crus”.
The greatest châteaux are represented here, with the finest vintages from the early 20th century to the years 2000.
La Grande Cave De Luze offers some prestigious references, the oldest of which is an 1865 Château d’Yquem.
These outstanding Bordeaux wines have been kept for decades in the best possible conditions
to guarantee their authenticity.
Between passion and reason, La Grande Cave De Luze bears witness to the history of Bordeaux Wines.